George Andrew Mruzik III


George Andrew Mruzik and wife Margaret Elsie Mruzik nee Weber

with daughter Margret (Peggy) Fitzpatrick nee Mruzik about 1945


Family Tree


Born: November 17, 1914 in West Frankfort, Illinois.

Passed: January 11, 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri




George Andrew Mruzik enlisted in the US Navy on August 2, 1936 (SSN 490016897) but was injured and discharged on March 28, 1941.  He then enlisted in the US Army on March 17, 1942 and was discharged on November 9, 1945.


George Andrew Mruzik and Margret Elsie Weber were married on December 21, 1941 in Jefferson County, Missouri.  He was a photo-engraver and lived in Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is interred at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.




When living in at 1447 Hamilton Avenue, Wellston, Missouri, the family had a “party-line” telephone which connected several homes.   In a dispute about wanting to make a phone call, George became so incensed that he threatened to beat up the other person on the phone.  They agreed to meet at a particular street corner.  Considering his size and expertise as a “Golden Gloves” finalist, the other party never showed up.


Once when his family was visiting the family farm in Clover Bottom, Missouri, he imperiously ordered his daughter Peggy to prepare a meal and a snake fell from the ceiling onto the stove.


George Andrew Mruzik with wife Margaret Elsie Mruzik nee Weber

and daughter Margret (Peggy) Fitzpatrick nee Mruzik and

mother Otillia Mruzik nee Filla.



Margaret Elsie Mruzik nee Weber.