George Michael Mruzik





Born: December 16, 1885 in Phoenixville, PA

Passed: October 10, 1943 in St. Louis, MO




He was born in Phoenixville but at an early age sometime before 1899, the family moved to Ashtabula, OH.   He was apparently drafted into the US Army on August 8, 1916 serving briefly in the Artillery stationed at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO. 


George Michael Mruzik center on top row at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO.


In the 1920 census, he was living at 4592 Easton Ave. (now Martin Luther King Ave.) in north St. Louis, MO.

IN the 1940 census, he was living at 4501 Easton Ave, St. Louis, MO.


While working on the docks of Ashtabula, OH, he was struck by a crane and remained several days unconscious before a partial recovery.  He returned to St. Louis to start a family.   In his professional life he worked at a variety of jobs to include that of a salesman and in public security.  He also wrote and published popular song lyrics.


In 1942 at age 57, his Selective Service draft card noted he was 5’11’’ tall and 160 lbs. with blue eyes.



George Michael Mruzik with his first four children, George Andrew (standing), Richard Julius (held left), Thomas Edward (held lower), and Mary Virginia (right) in the early to mid 1920s.


And finally his American Detective Association card.





George Michael was a lyricist and had a copyright on the song “The Girl from Missouri” having written the lyrics with John D. Johnson and music by Harry Hoyt granted July 27, 1909; E 211728; Maurice Shapiro, New York, N.Y.



Four Mruzik brothers from left in order of age: George Andrew, Richard Julius, Thomas Edward and James Joseph in late 1930s.  They were the sons of George Michael Mruzik.


Four Mruzik brothers from left are Thomas Edward, Richard Julius, George Andrew, and James Joseph Mruzik in early 1930s.