Otillia Gertrude Mruzik nee Filla




Picture of Otillia Gertrude Mruzik nee Filla, her son James Joseph Mruzik

and her daughter Margret Theresa Williams nee Mruzik in late 1940s


Born: November 10, 1881 in Clover Bottom, Franklyn County, Missouri

Passed: January 1, in 1968 in St. Louis, Missouri




Otillia was born on the family farm in Clover Bottom, Missouri, which was on St. Ann Road about three-fourths of a mile from Hwy KK with a barn and a small lake.  She married George Michael Mruzik on January 31, 1911 in Clover Bottom, Missouri.  But by 1920 the family had moved to an apartment at 4501 Easton Avenue (now Martin Luther King Avenue) in St. Louis, Missouri.  In 1940 her brother Julius Filla and family lived nearby at 4561 Evans Avenue. 


After WWII in the late 1940s, she hosted ten other people in her second floor two bedroom apartment at 1447 Hamilton Avenue in Wellston, Missouri.  Her son George and wife Margaret and baby Margret (Peggy) had one bedroom.  He son Richard and wife Mary and baby Michael had the other bedroom.  She and her younger sister Veronica Agnes Filla and daughter Margaret slept in the living room and her sons Thomas and James slept on the back porch.   Shortly thereafter, one of her friends, Mrs. Malarky, offered an apartment not far away to her son Richard’s family.  She attended services at the Catholic Church of St. Barbara, located at the corner of Hamilton and Minerva Avenues. 


She was famous for her cooking of “German noodles” and preserving the bounty of a summer garden over the winter.  She once wistfully remarked that “men have no idea of the work involved in preparing food for a large family.”  She is interred adjacent to her husband in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.


From right Otillia Gertrude Mruzik nee Filla and her younger sister

Veronica Agnes Filla (lover of flowers at the Jewel Box in Forest Park)



Otillia Gertrude Mruzik nee Filla in Wellston, Missouri.