If You Like Your Weather - You Can Keep It - Maybe




We get so tired of politicians lying to us.  And it’s even worse when so called experts corrupt the scientific process with purely political spin.  Unfortunately the nearly unlimited amount of “free” government money (many tens of billions of dollars annually) often proves irresistible and trumps all ethical considerations (with “magic” democrat-science or “DS”).


Politicians earn their living by finding a “cause” to save the world.  It is not necessary that they solve it, which would ironically remove their raison-d’être, but only that they can plausibly rant against it.    Right now, Democrat scare tactics generate 22 Billion dollars a year in public money for politicians to play with, in research grants to "friends" for consulting, for "green" energy companies [500 million for Solyndra who destroyed all finished inventory to prevent an audit and 50+ others and all run by former Democrat activists and all went bankrupt], or billions in cap and trade corporate blackmail [Al Gore personally made +$100 million], or trillions in reparations from US taxpayers [so third world UN bureaucrats can buy more palaces and AK-47s], all without actually moving one molecule of CO2 anywhere... 


In direct contradiction, the goal of science is to understand the physical world in useful ways.  So to clothe fraud in the mantle of science, United Nations IPCC politicians, the VAST majority of whom have NO science background whatever, are repeatedly honored in newspaper print as “hundreds of Nobel Prize winners” decrying “global warming.”  The Peace, not science, Prize was given to Al Gore for the “politics of peace” for making a propaganda movie that lied about the data and the science (and had to be mostly retracted in Great Britain and elsewhere) [1].


The lies of UN bureaucrats falsely claiming to be Nobel Prize winning climate scientists became so pervasive the Nobel Committee publically warned the UN IPCC (mostly political bureaucrats with absolutely no education or background science), to cease and desist [2].   On the other hand tens of thousands of REAL scientists have publically come forward to try and stop the political corruption [3].




Recently several scientists at NOAA [affiliated with NASA] decided to trade their reputations for increased grants by FALSELY promoting climate alarmism.  The facts are that the original “unadjusted” temperature average for the US was as follows [4]:


Also, one graph supporting the above finding has somehow managed to escape recent manipulation by alarmists as follows [still the current record and so far remains “unadjusted”] [5]




And in fact the number of extreme heat wave events has been steadily DECLINING in spite of rising CO2 levels [6].  This demonstrates unequivocally that excess CO2 has about as much effect as lighting a cigarette outside with a match.   Think we need massive new taxes to fund a police state vigilance to prevent “climate criminals” from smoking outdoors?



And indeed, the unadjusted surface record for the US has shown a slight decline for the last 15-20 years as shown below [7].



Lacking any scientific foundation for the DEMOCRAT tax fraud, the last recourse of the liars is to shut down dissent with DOCTORED climate records “adjusted” to maintain both the hysteria and funding as follows [6]:






The United Nations IPCC originally published the following temperature reconstruction for the world in 1990-1995.



But this recent natural warming in recent centuries [well before any possible human influence] was not scary enough so they resorted to the LIE of the hockey stick as follows [8].



Unfortunately for the alarmists, this was so discredited that the UN IPCC since 2007 has dropped all mention of this lying fiasco [5].   This is the famous “hockey stick” used to promote fear and funding and all based on the crudest of LIES.   The raw “tree ring” temperature calculations from the alarmists are not only notoriously unreliable but showed global temperatures dramatically DECREASING FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS.  So the last 60 years of tree ring data was ELIMINATED from the earlier 1000 years of tree ring.   You can’t make this stuff up in the TREE RING CIRCUS.


This graph was published WITHOUT peer review because it is SCIENTIFICALLY and MATHEMATICALLY unsupportable.  This was the issue of the famous “climate-gate” memos to “HIDE THE DECLINE” which deep-sixed (i.e. hid) the original data in favor of a contrived and dramatic rise.  Lying with statistics and then refusing “Freedom of Information” requests for original data for DECADES and finally “accidently erasing it”…




Ice core drilling in Greenland as well as the Antarctic give historical temperatures that are extremely well correlated indicating the reconstructions are representative of global temperature averages [9].   The results are as follows:





As must be obvious, global temperature swings over the last millennia are entirely uncorrelated to CO2 concentrations.  That is to say, the world has mostly been much warmer than now (uncorrelated to CO2) and normal variations (again uncorrelated to CO2) are so large as to swamp recent warming trend which is best explained by chaotic behavior again unrelated to CO2.   Please note there is NO MATHEMATICAL correlation between temperature and CO2 as we would expect from all SCIENTIFIC theoretical calculations.





For the last several decades we have an ARGO system actually measuring ocean temperatures showing no rise at all [10].



Interestingly, the ocean supports massive internal waves between waters of different temperature and salinity.  Also there are massive rivers of warm and cold water at all depths constantly churning and creating “conveyer belts” of heat transport.   But with the Argo system of ocean buoys, we have the first continuous global measurements of ocean temperature and at all depths.


Because the underwater currents vary, some alarmists falsely claim that they see excess heat being absorbed instead of the simpler explanation that warm and cold currents meander around all the time.  Of course, the alarmist arithmetic doesn’t add up, but then what would you expect from insane lunatics?  Just a thought J.

[Please note the above graph covers ALL ocean depths.]





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